The John Neilson Institution

Admission Registers CD

John Neilson, born Paisley 14 Dec. 1778. He amassed a considerable fortune, purchased the lands of Nethercommon where he died on 6th Nov. 1839.
John left instructions to set up a deed of settlement (£17,187.) for the education of boys residing within the parliamentary boundary of Paisley whose parents had either died or who could not afford to pay for the education of their children. The school provided accommodation for 1200 pupils of whom 120 were Foundation pupils remainder being feepaying. The building itself was built to the design of Charles Wilson, Architect, Glasgow, and is still prominent on the town’s skyeline. The Institution became known as one of the best schools in the West of Scotland and eventually attracted scholars from outwith Paisley and indeed Renfrewshire.

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Foundation Register booklet

Foundation pupils fees were paid from the Endowment Fund. To be eligible they must have resided in Paisley for at least three years and whose parents had either died or from want of means were unable to give a suitable education to their children. The register covers the years 1852 – 1905 but due to coronavirus restrictions only the years 1852 – 1875 have been transcribed so far. The remaining years when completed will form Book 2.

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